The Why of Digital Media – An Easy to Read Vital Guide Currently Cost-free to January 8

Digital Media is an important book for owners, managers, marketers and professionals in any organization. This video summed up the Why of the book, who it is for, What it does and How it does it.

1. WHY – There is a need for a simple practical book for novice and
intermediate individuals who are need an easy way to understand digital media.

It  also explains WHY Digital Media Matters and WHY you need it.

2. WHO It is for: Business owners, managers, marketers, consultants.
and professionals. The book uses examples and illustrations from the Hotel & Tourism industry and is relative to any organization.

3. WHAT – Shows what needs to be done and what options, tools, technology and help is readily available.

4. HOW – The book series shares resources of technology, tactics  and strategies that work. It provides illustrated example with real-life results. It includes proprietary tactics by leading professionals. Digital Media explains technology in an easy conversational style without Jargon.


Valuable criticism is always welcome – I like what Marion said in.
reviewing Digital Media “.

“The writing style is not very good but it offers some interesting ideas about how to do hotel online marketing. It is not a professional.
guide or manual.”

 Thank You Mario. I am happy to respond and appreciate your point. The series is written in a practical and straightforward conversational style. It’s not a text book and will not win awards in academic community. I have several listing in academia and know that language well.

examples-of-digita media

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